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Meet your hosts Kris and Kristen

We’re both moms, we are both business owners, and are Republicans fighting hard to get a Conservative voice in Santa Cruz County. We are grateful to have a platform that will let us support business, families and moral values.

Please join us on the air while we let you know what is happening around here and how you can help. We can’t afford to be silent any longer. Our freedom is under attack. One party rule isn’t working. Given the blatant censorship, the power grab by our government and the fact that criminals have more rights than their victims, it appears we have more in common with Communist China than we should.

We believe in common sense and the fact that most people have more in common than we do different. We’re constantly being divided because that makes our country weak. It’s time to unite under one great flag and speak out against all of the injustice being done to our freedom.

Join us as we head out on this radio adventure!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Ronald Reagan
Show #74 – This is it … this chapter of The Elephant in the Room comes to a close. We are talking about as much as we can while we can. It’s so important to get the Conservative voices heard. Let’s keep talking!!! December 27, 2022
Show #73 – Recap of Toy/Food Drive and our PARTY! Kris is in Oregon and we’re talking about this continued Biden administration nightmare and with Christmas coming up, it’s costing way more money this year! The Democrats are up in arms in Santa Cruz against the Republicans, for WHAT?? We need to stick up for ourselves and call for unity. December 20, 2022
Show #72 -We’re still here! Toy/Food Drive updates – deadline coming up. Twitter Files – proof that Big Tech has a direct influence on what the public sees on social media. How to have a voice locally – write letters to the paper. Brittney Griner out of Russia – exchanged with top arms dealer in the world … hmmmmm. Sooooo much going wrong – let’s talk about it all!-December 13, 2022
Show #71 – Updates on KSCO, Toy Drive and what is going on around here? Arizona election debacle continues – yes, this matters to everyone … the corruption is deep. Twitter Files – ugly revelations being discovered. December 6, 2022
Show #70 – How deep blue is Santa Cruz? How do we get a voice here – it’s not like things are going fantastic for everyone – we need balance! Why don’t people see this? Diesel trucks going away in California. Stand with China. Biden economy getting worse. Toy drive!!! November 29, 2022
Show #69 – In-studio guests are JUSTIN MAFFIA and CHRIS AMSDEN talking about the Soquel Union Elementary School District race when the declared winner (incumbent) had announced his retirement, yet still ran as an incumbent – it seems not only deceitful but has created quite a mess. It’s an interesting story. Our TOY DRIVE is back! Thanksgiving is costing a whole lot more this year – and more. Join us! November 22, 2022
Show #68 – Reeling from what election results we have … Kevin Kiley is the final Congressional seat to retire Pelosi. We hammer out what we do know and it isn’t good. Cabrillo College wasting our tax money with a name change. Ugh! November 15, 2022
Show #67 – It’s ELECTION DAY! What is happening across the country? Why does it take so long to count ballots? Low voter turnout – why? Vicki Nohrden calls in and more! November 8, 2022
Show #66 – One week until elections! We talk with two candidates for local offices – Denise Miller for Central Fire Board and Corrie Kates running for Soquel Creek Water. So much excitement and momentum happening – make sure you vote, and get your friends, family and neighbors to also.
November 1, 2022
Show #65 – Two weeks until this important election. We are talking to BLAKE MASTERS running for US Senate in Arizona – who is running flip that seat and help save our country! Inflation and the cost of everything still going up – what will happen after this election??? It’s a good one! October 25, 2022
Show #64 – Kristen is in Wisconsin – which is a huge swing state with a completely different vibe than in Crazy California! We talk to Peter Verbica who is running for California Board of Equalization joins us and has some amazing contributions about all of the state offices, too. October 18, 2022
Show #63 – Ballots drop today! What happened to the value of HONESTY? Nobody tells the truth any more just for the sake of the truth. We’re fired up about Tulsi Gabbard leaving the Democratic Party. How do we unite this country? October 11, 2022
Show #62 – How are Hawaiian shirts the latest right-wing tag? Lots of callers, clearly people want to be heard … let’s listen to each other. Biden lies, lies, lies, yea-aa. Homeless issues – how one CA City is dealing. October 4, 2022
Show #61 – Gavin strikes again – won’t actually debate Brian Dahle – keeps signing crazy laws to force California into further debt and won’t release test scores until after the election. Energy prices to go up up up this winter. How much will people take before they fight back? September 27, 2022
Show #60 – Post County Fair results are in! Border issues, border problems, border crazy! The homeless crisis continues – we have a guest who lives in the neighborhood where the City of Santa Cruz is moving the people who have been living next to City Hall. The neighborhood isn’t happy, but everyone who doesn’t have to look the disaster any longer. It’s just wrong. September 20, 2022
Show #59 – Inflation truths yet denials everywhere …. how long does ‘transitory’ take? Wide open borders. How to talk to people to encourage them to vote Republican. Great School Board local candidates. September 13, 2022
Show #58 – What is going on in our schools? Hypocrisy continues – no gas cars, but the electricity is going off! Annnddddd….. the AMAZING LANHEE CHEN joins us – he’s running for Controller of California. Believe us, you’ll LOVE him! September 6, 2022
Show #57 – We cover a lot! From College Loan forgiveness/endowments to crazy California’s new positions on trans kids and abortions, the border and so much more! We talk to JEFF GORMAN – running for Congressional District 19 all along the Central Coast! Also – keep the narrative on the Dems! August 30, 2022
Show #56 – Kris and Kristen talk about how far are we going to be pushed until people actually push back. Too far is too far! Enough is enough! We also talk to PETER HERNANDEZ – Candidate for Congressional District 18. He is the inspiration for change and represents the people. August 23, 2022
Show #55 – We’re talking to Senator BRIAN DAHLE! He’s against Gavin in the General Election in November and WOW does he have some great things to say! He is a problem solver and an awesome unifier … super good man, meet him here! August 16, 2022
Show #54 – Kristen and Marc talk numbers on Inflation, the “Inflation Reduction” Act that will do no such thing and immigration. August 9, 2022
Show #53 – Travel, pronouns, school is getting ready to start …. How do we bring people together? It’s fire season – Kris got evacuated over the weekend. Yikes! Run for office -we need all good people! . August 2, 2022
Show #52 -It’s our ONE YEAR Anniversary! What is the local political climate looking like? Lots of events coming up.- so much has changed in this time. July 26, 2022
Show #51 – Now what is Gavin up to? Clearly not fighting for Californian’s! Should Trump run in 2024? Good callers and a lot of opportunity now locally with School Boards, City Councils, Fire Boards and Water Boards! July 19, 2022
Show #50 – Lots going on – still counting votes from June 7. We’re talking about our favorite candidates and all current issues. July 12, 2022
Show #49 – Kris and Liz Lawler (Assembly District 28 Candidate) talk about the election and a lot of solutions to our issues on the Central Coast and California! Liz has a lot of answers to some perpetual problems. Look into Haven for Hope as a possible solution for our homeless/addiction crisis.
July 5, 2022
Show #48 – This is a replay of an awesome conversation with Tom Wolf who is featured in the book San FranSicko by Michael Shellenberger. It’s an eye opening conversation about how progressive policies are destroying our once-great cities and this creating this homeless crisis. June 28, 2022
Show #47 – The votes are still be counted. Looking for people to run for local offices! Run for School Board, Water Boards, Fire Boards and City Councils. What is a Woman? We talk about Matt Walsh’s documentary and are then joined by Seth who has been fighting against a 5-G cell tower location in Watsonville – the hearing is tomorrow and we’re talking about it! June 21, 2022
Show #46Results are IN – we’re talking about all of the victories and what comes next. The RED WAVE is real and headed this way. We have Assembly District 30 Candidate and finalist going into November, Vicki Nohrden! June 14, 2022
Show #45 – Election Day! Get those last minute votes in! We need to fix this state – and we have some great candidates to support! God Bless America June 7, 2022
Show #44 – Election is one week away! Is there anyone who is capable of bringing us all together? Is there anyone actually fighting for us? We’re fired up! May 31, 2022
Show #43 – Bad bills galore!! The people are getting fed up and finally speaking up! Enough is enough! Assembly? Senate? What do they do and what are the real numbers? How do we hold them accountable for all of the decisions in Sacramento. They aren’t coming from anywhere but them. Housing crisis – the State has blown it, so they are putting the burden on the Counties, which makes zero sense of a real solution. “Affordable” housing costs too much. How is this supposed to work? May 23, 2022
Show #42 – The nasty opposition is loud, but are there more of them, or does it just seem like it? Our signs keep getting taken down and we chat about how to fix this situation and how on earth are we going to come together as a unified country? May 17, 2022
Show #41 – Ballots have hit the mail to every single voter in the state. We both saw 2000 Mules and have opinions on what we saw and how that could play out in California and the nation. May 10, 2022
Show #40 – Carina Powers joins us – she’s an advocate for Latinos for Medical Freedom, and WOW is she busy getting the Latino Community to open their eyes to the bad policies of our elected officials. We talk about giving permission to the latino Community to vote Republican. May 3, 2022
Show #39 – We just got back from the CAGOP Convention – WOW! There are some amazing folks fighting to fix this crazy state! April 26, 2022
Show #38 – We’re talking Lexit! Latinos are exiting the Democratic Party like crazy. Energetic, smart and always optimistic Candidate for CA Governor, Jenny Rae LaRue is joining us for the second half! April 19, 2022
Show #37 – We’re all over the place! From Fentanyl, crime, school enrollment to teaching sex in school…. we’ve got a lot to say! Take our Demographic quiz – it’s eye-opening and doesn’t add up to what the media is portraying. April 12, 2022
Show #36 – What the heck is going on?? We talk Disney, California laws and good old fashioned values! April 5, 2022
Show #35 – The war in Ukraine hits home – we are talking with a family who was one week away from finalizing the adoption of their daughter in Ukraine and it is held up. She is in Germany at a group facility with 130 other adoptees but clearly the best situation is with their families. March 29, 2022
Show #34 – We are talking with Vicki Nohrden – running for Assembly District 30. She has some great ideas and solutions to help fix this crazy California. March 22, 2022
Show #33 – Join us to meet Shawn Collins a great candidate for Governor and Rob Bernosky – running for CA Secretary of State. March 15, 2022
Show #32 – What is happening locally? Candidate deadlines, so we know who will be on the ballot in June. San Benito County Supervisor Peter Hernandez joins us for bit – he’s running for Congress and he’s going after the important Latino vote! March 8, 2022
Show #31 – DON’T MISS THIS! We’re talking with Tom Wolf, whose story is featured in the book San FranSICKO by Michael Shellenberger. It’s about how progressive policies have destroyed cities and kept our homeless problem from getting better. February 22, 2022
Show #30 – Enough is enough! Can we keep up this fight against the media and divisiveness? It is essential that we keep standing up for Conservative values – lots going on to be happy about! February 15, 2022
Show #29 – Catching up with what is happening around here! So much overreach and ‘guidelines’. Will we ever be free, again? And how about the Olympics? Biden’s crack pipes (no, not Hunter’s) and more! February 8, 2022
Show #28 – Masking kids – enough is enough! What is going on? The second half hour is not to be missed!  Skyla joins us to talk about the blatant segregation happening in our local high schools and not allowing our children to go to school or participate in sports or after school activities. The end with the dad and his 7-year-old is a heart breaking, infuriating must listen! February 1, 2022
Show #27 – We get to hang out with City Councilwoman from Monte Sereno Liz Lawler! She’s taking on Mark Stone for the new Assembly District 28. She gets it, that’s for sure! January 25, 2022
Show #26 – What is going on around here???? Lots of Covid chatter and Bret Barker, NP joins us to talk about what we’ve learned in the past two years and how to protect yourself from getting sick and his book!  Sold out Souls: Sars-2 Covid 19 Pandemic simple truths. Ignored. January 18, 2022
Show #25 – Can we all unite under one flag? Guests are Andy Hanauer from One America Movement and Kristen’s most liberal friend, Steve! Plus, Kris’ husband fills in for her! It’s a lively conversation and one small step in unifying all of us. January 11, 2022
Show #24 – Conservative kids on college campuses. What does that look like? We have three college students in the studio to share their perspectives!  
January 4, 2022
Show #23 – Kris is in Austin Texas! New laws for 2022. Migration out of California. December 28, 2021
Show #22 – Merry Christmas! A year in recap, where are we now? More hypocrisy and getting our acts together to fight the machine. Just say no!
December 21, 2021
Show #21 – Meet Eric Early!  Candidate for California’s Attorney General. He’s taken on our state and our governor for the past four years and isn’t stopping anytime soon. December 14, 2022
Show #20 – CRT – what are they actually teaching our children in school? With guest , parent and activist on the side of children, Kelly Schenkoske December 7, 2021


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Show #5 – August 24, 2021 – Recall Gavin with Candidate Jenny Rae LaRoux

August 24, 2021

Show #6 – August 31, 2021 – Let’s get this done! We need to fight for our freedom in this country – Afganistan debacle

August 31, 2021

Show #7 – September 7, 2021 – Mark Meuser on the Recall, and his run for State Senate.

Show #7 – Kris and Kristen talk to Mark Meuser

Show #8 – September 14, 2021 – Recall Election Day! Kris and Kristen and lively callers

Show #8 – Election Day

Show #9 – September 21, 2021 – Fair recap and interesting callers (please click link) http://zbsradio.com/show_detail/id/119

Show #10 – September 28, 2021- CAGOP Convention Recap. The fight is ON!

Sept 28 – Show #10 – CAGOP Convention Recap

Show #11 – October 6, 2021 – Texas insight, local vaccine mandates & local mad parents

Show #11 – October 6 – Local Vax mandates & parents talking about it

Show #12 – October 12, 2021 – School Board Meetings and what they are doing without parental consent. Also lots of local chatter about mandates.

Show #12- October 12 – School Board Meetings and what they are forcing on our children without our opinions

Show #13 – October 19, 2021 – A Don’t miss show with Pharmacist Ben and Jacob from Guardians of Youth talking about the facts on what the shots really do and how to fight against Mandates for our kids. It’s a good one!

Show #13 – October 19 – Don’t miss this one! Pharmacist Ben and Jacob from Guardians of Youth talking about forcing shots on our children.

Show #14 – October 26, 2021 – What is going on with mandates and now they’re coming after the children!?!

Show #14 – October 26 – Lots of chatter about mandates and our children!

Show #15 – November 2, 2021 – Halloween followup and parents standing up to what is coming. The attacks on our children and freedom continues.

Show #15 – Nov 2 – Kris and Kristen take on callers with mandates for children and losing our freedoms

Show #16 – November 9, 2021 – Is the tide turning red? School Districts received HOW much money during Covid? Why are they asking for a bond? What about the children? Recap of Virginia election & interesting callers.

Show #16 – Is the tide turning?? Recap of Virginia election and interesting calls

Show #17 – November 16, 2021 –

Show #17 – November 16, 2021 –

Show #18 – November 23, 2021 – Let’s be thankful!

Show #18 – November 23 2021 – Let’s be thankful!

Show #19 – November 30, 2021 – What is actually going on? Discrimination in colleges is real. We bring on a CPA to chat about inflation and perspective on the financial position in this country.

Show #19 – November 30, 2021 – What is actually going on? Covid discrimination in colleges is real. We bring in a CPA to chat about inflation.
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